What People are Saying

“I emailed Keith many pictures that hopefully captured our dogs’ personalities.
He managed to extract those personalities flawlessly and they shine through in his portraits.”

~Lori B., Venice, CA

“For my mother in law’s birthday we gave her a portrait by Keith DuQuette of Quin, her German short-haired pointer. She was delighted with the portrait and exclaimed, ‘The artist captured Quin’s personality perfectly! How did he do that working from photographs.’ The portrait is definitely the very best gift we have given her to date.

~Laura M, Brooklyn, NY

​“As a fellow artist who has long admired Keith's work, I greatly anticipated the portrait of my dog Gretel. Keith's rendering of Gretel did not only feel like she had patiently sat for her portrait and waited for a treat, but the style and handling of the media itself is truly beautiful. Commissioning a pet portrait from Keith DuQuette will not only get you an exceptional and touching likeness of your best friend, but a unique and timeless work of art.”
~Courtney A, Brooklyn, NY